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“WE, at ICoN believe that through negotiation conflicts can be solved, we can make better societies and more peace around the world”

– Valon MURTEZAJ, ICoN Coordinator

What is ICoN?

ICoN is IÉSEG’s centre of excellence in negotiation research, teaching and knowledge transfer. It aims to create relevant, practice-oriented knowledge by means of precise, systematic and robust research methods and provide applications for students, professionals and organizations. The main funding for ICON comes from the foundation of Lille Catholic University.

ICoN structure

ICoN’s activities are organized around three pillars:


• A research agenda focusing on relationships in negotiation (culture, communication, emotions, disputes, industrial relations)


• About 30 courses on negotiation and related topics offered to IÉSEG students

• A one year post-graduate program dedicated to negotiation launched in 2015

Knowledge transfer:

• Executive education and In-company training (open and tailor-made programs) and to other schools

• Exchanges with non-academic thinkers and negotiation practitioners

• Research, cases and student consulting projects within organizations