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Dr. Maximiliano MARZETTI

Assistant Professor of Law

PhD in Law & Economics (Erasmus Rotterdam University, the Netherlands)

Dr Maximiliano Marzetti is an Assistant Professor of Law and the Head of the Law Track at IÉSEG School of Management, Paris, France. He earned his PhD at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Among other subjects, he teaches mediation and arbitration, and coaches IÉSEG teams participating in the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition. His research interests focus on intellectual property dispute resolution and the law and economics of ADR. Before joining IESEG, he was a practising lawyer and mediator in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Think about « doing better » and « not doing worse » at the same time

Professor Regina Kim and her colleague recently published a research paper that examines the role of regulatory focus in conflict management domains from a new perspective. Regulatory focus describes people’s two distinct goals: promotion focus that focuses on hopes and accomplishments (i.e., gains) and prevention focus that focuses on safety and responsibilities (i.e., non-losses). The research group suggests that a combination of the two, “doing better” and “not doing worse,” is a a more optimal regulatory focus in conflict. This combination reflects a mix of promotion and prevention considerations because conflict often elicits needs for promoting well-being as well as needs for preventing threats to security and interests.

They found that the combined focus resulted in greater satisfaction with expected conflict outcomes and goal attainment than did either prevention or promotion framing alone. However, a promotion frame alone was associated with greater process and relationship satisfaction. Prior research on regulatory focus has emphasized the benefits of a promotion focus over prevention when managing conflict. Professor Regina Kim and her colleagues offer new insight into how these seemingly opposing motives can operate in tandem to increase conflict satisfaction. Thus, this research illustrates the value of moving beyond dichotomized motivational distinctions in conflict research, to understand the dynamic interplay of how these distinctions may be navigated in concert for more effective conflict engagement. One take-away, the next when you are confronting conflicts, maybe you can try to synthesize your thoughts to think about how to “do better” and how to “not do worse” at the same time.

To read the original article:

Coleman, P., Kugler, K., Vallacher, R. and Kim, R. (2019), « Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst « , International Journal of Conflict Management, 30(1), 45-64.

Professor Regina Kim is one member of ICoN. You can find more information about ICoN team members here:


ICON members coach students at ICC Commercial Mediation Competition

IESEG and the Université Catholique de Lille Faculty of Law (FLD) have been jointly selected to participate in the prestigious 15th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition from 6 to 12 February 2020 in Paris. This is a brilliant opportunity for our students to learn about international commercial mediation on a global stage and to network with world-class dispute resolution professionals. Two ICON members were selected, Frieder LEMPP and Maximiliano MARZETTI, to coach a team of four IBL Masters-level students. The student team members will be selected via the mediation seminars to be delivered by Frieder and Maximiliano at the FLD in early October.