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Fawaz explores International Key Account Management in the Arab World and emerging economies. His research brings a new dimension of understanding of how business is conducted in emerging economies and in the field of industrial marketing in cross-cultural contexts. It provides more insights about the transfer of practices across borders that enhances the understanding of global management. He also serves as organizer for IMP Asia conferences.

Dr. Frieder LEMPP

Frieder’s research focus is on the development and validation of computational models of negotiation and conflict resolution. The models can be used to simulate experiments on negotiation variables (such as goals, outcomes, strategies, etc.) and as decision-support systems for practicing negotiators (for instance, to identify optimal strategies for an upcoming negotiation). Frieder has taught courses in negotiation, mediation, dispute resolution, game-theory, critical thinking, and logic. He has practiced as an accredited mediator in New Zealand.

Dr. JingJing YAO – Director ICoN

Jingjing Yao’s research interests include negotiation, trust, creativity, and cross-culture studies. He conducts experiments to investigate how negotiators’ attitudes and behaviors affect negotiation processes, and he also analyzes real-world negotiation cases to get in-depth understanding on international business. Jingjing Yao had extensive teaching experiences on negotiation skills, negotiation research methods, and cross-cultural management in Europe, North America, and East Asia.