ICoN structure

By | 1 juin 2014

ICoN’s activities are organized around three pillars:


• A research agenda focusing on relationships in negotiation (culture, communication, emotions, disputes, industrial relations)


• About 30 courses on negotiation and related topics offered to IÉSEG students

• A one year post-graduate program dedicated to negotiation launched in 2015

Knowledge transfer:

• Executive education and In-company training (open and tailor-made programs) and to other schools

• Exchanges with non-academic thinkers and negotiation practitioners

• Research, cases and student consulting projects within organizations

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and positions expressed within these guest posts/articles are those of the author (s) alone and do not represent those of IÉSEG School of Management /ICON. ICON welcomes all feedback and comment on articles posted on this blog: icon@ieseg.fr.

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