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Jimena focuses on culture and relationships in negotiation and conflict resolution. She is part of an international research team, led by Jeanne Brett, which collects data in most parts of the world. She has been analyzing negotiations in Qatar, Spain and the US with the goal of understanding the influences of culture on the expectations, the use of strategy, and negotiation outcomes. At ICoN, Jimena coordinates research activities.

Dr Valon MURTEZAJ – ICON Coordinator

Valon explores the role of emotions in negotiation and conflict management. His interests include negotiation, diplomacy, leadership, and conflict management. He has worked with international organizations such as UNICEF and UNDP for many years and has been involved in major governmental projects in Kosovo. In addition, Valon has been trained at Harvard Kennedy School (USA) completing an executive education program on leadership, innovation, and negotiation.

In recognition to his distinguished merits and achievement in professional and university activities, professor Murtezaj was awarded the Officer of National Order of Merit by the President of French Republic. Further, for distinguished achievement and successful career, Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, inducted him in it’s Alumni Hall of Fame.


Chavi’s research explores virtual/global team conflict management in the Chinese context. She focuses on how globally dispersed teams transfer knowledge through Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and how multiple languages in communication affect intra- and inter-cultural conflict management in the context of MNEs as multilingual communities. Furthermore, Chavi serves as organizer for IMP Asia conferences.

What is ICON?

ICoN is IÉSEG’s centre of excellence in negotiation research, teaching and knowledge transfer. ICoN adopts a transversal approach to negotiation and relationship establishment, spanning over management, employment relations, marketing (sales and procurement), international relations and law.

Our goal is to create relevant, practice-oriented knowledge by means of precise, systematic and clear research methods and provide applications for students, professionals and organizations.

We aim to contribute to the global and local economy by training negotiation at all levels of the organization: managers, public servants, employee representatives and leaders, to understand each other’s interests and create value in negotiation.

Industrial relations at organizational level

Focuses on understanding the impact of the relationship between social partners (management and labor) in their negotiation behavior as well as in the quality of their agreements.

The term industrial relations, describes the quality of the relationship between social partners (Johnson & Johnson, 1989; Walton & McKersie, 1965). This sub-project addresses why and how industrial relations climate is related to the negotiation behavior of social actors by shaping their psychological orientation towards negotiation (Beersma, Hollenbeck, Humphrey, Moon, Conlon, & Ilgen, 2003; Deutsch, 1949).

This is an initial list of topics; however the agenda and research designs will be open to new hires and potential collaboration opportunities with academic partners and companies in the future.

The centre aims to contribute to the recognition of negotiation as an important management and business development skill that is grounded on systematic scientific research.