ICoN Team

Icon TeamICoN is an open structure, with IÉSEG’s team of 8 permanent professors at the core, surrounded by associate members, a group of high-level academics, consultants and experts in negotiation from around the world.


Assistant Professor in international negotiations at IÉSEG School of Management (Lille)
PhD in Key Account Management from Cranfield University (UK)

Fawaz explores International Key Account Management in the Arab World and emerging economies. His research brings a new dimension of understanding of how business is conducted in emerging economies and in the field of industrial marketing in cross-cultural contexts. It provides more insights about the transfer of practices across borders that enhances the understanding of global management. He also serves as organizer for IMP Asia conferences.


PhD student International negotiations at IÉSEG School of Management (Lille)

Adrian’s fields of interest include international negotiation, human resources and cross-cultural business relationships. He is currently working alongside Jimena RAMIREZ collecting data from Spain, France, India and China analyzing how cultural differences influence negotiation strategies and outcomes.

Adrian has previous professional experience in HRM consulting (recruitment) and coordinating the Master Programme in Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Seville.


Lecturer in French as a Foreign Language

Anne specializes in French language and advises the team in language related issues. She brings insights about the French culture and the local knowledge the team needs to advance hypotheses about intercultural negotiation. Anne has been teaching French to international students for a long time. At IÉSEG she collaborates in the Grande Ecole and Exchange Programmes, as well as coaching the faculty members. With an outmost interest towards the international experience, she places the intercultural competences at the center of her pedagogical methods.

Dr. Ann-Sophie DE PAUW

Assistant Professor in international negotiations at IÉSEG School of Management (Lille)
PhD in Management from Vlerick Business School and Ghent University (Belgium)

Ann-Sophie’s research focuses on representative negotiations and decision-making in heterogeneous groups consisting of subgroups (coalitions). She investigates the impact of present faultlines on the resolution of social dilemmas, when self-interest and the group’s interest are in conflict.

She also conducted studies on the ‘sticky floor’ effect, i.e. the pattern that women are, compared to men, less likely to start to climb the job ladder, and ethnic discrimination in the labor market.

She applies a multimethod approach, combining (field) experimental research with the results from surveys.


Assistant Professor in international negotiations at IÉSEG School of Management (Lille)
PhD in International Business from Manchester Business School, University of Manchester (UK)

Chavi’s research explores virtual/global team conflict management in the Chinese context. She focuses on how globally dispersed teams transfer knowledge through Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and how multiple languages in communication affect intra- and inter-cultural conflict management in the context of MNEs as multilingual communities. Furthermore, Chavi serves as organizer for IMP Asia conferences.

Dr. Sun Young (Sunny) KIM

Ph.D., Management and Organizations, Northwestern University, USA

Dr. Sun Young Kim is an Assistant Professor in the department of Marketing and Negotiation at the IÉSEG School of Management. She obtained her Ph.D. in Management and Organizations from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and her M.S. in Statistics from Stanford University. Dr. Kim has taught extensively in the areas of negotiations and decision making at Kellogg and IÉSEG. Her research investigates the creative and ethical consequences of group diversity in general and valuing diversity in particular. Dr. Kim also examines how the experience of victimization influences how people perceive and make choices in their environment. Her coauthored paper on group deception has appeared in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and she has presented at the annual meetings of the Academy of Management, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, International Association for Conflict Management, and Judgment and Decision Making.


Assistant Professor in international negotiations at IÉSEG School of Management (Paris)
Doctor in Diplomacy from SMC University (Switzerland)

Valon explores the role of emotions in negotiation and conflict management. His interests include negotiation, diplomacy, leadership, and conflict management. He has worked with international organizations such as UNICEF and UNDP for many years and has been involved in major governmental projects in Kosovo. In addition, Valon has been trained at Harvard Kennedy School (USA) completing an executive education program on leadership, innovation, and negotiation.


Assistant Professor in international negotiations at IESEG School of Management (Lille)
PhD in Work and Organizational Psychology from the University of Seville (Spain), post-graduate fellow at Kellogg School of Management (USA)

Jimena focuses on culture and relationships in negotiation and conflict resolution. She is part of an international research team, led by Jeanne Brett, which collects data in most parts of the world. She has been analyzing negotiations in Qatar, Spain and the US with the goal of understanding the influences of culture on the expectations, the use of strategy, and negotiation outcomes. At ICoN, Jimena coordinates research activities.

Dr. JingJing YAO

Assistant Professor in international negotiations at IÉSEG School of Management (Lille)
PhD in Organization Management, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University (China)

Jingjing Yao’s research interests include negotiation, trust, creativity, and cross-culture studies. He conducts experiments to investigate how negotiators’ attitudes and behaviors affect negotiation processes, and he also analyzes real-world negotiation cases to get in-depth understanding on international business. Jingjing Yao had extensive teaching experiences on negotiation skills, negotiation research methods, and cross-cultural management in Europe, North America, and East Asia.

Dr. Regina KIM

Assistant Professor in International Negotiation
PhD in Organizational Psychology, Columbia University, USA

Regina Kim’s research interests include conflict management, language diversity, and cross-cultural negotiations. She investigates how language diversity and cross-cultural differences affect the way individuals / groups perceive and manage conflicts in organizations.  Regina Kim is part of the Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR) research team at Columbia University and has taught extensively at Columbia University, Hunter College – City University of New York, and IESEG.


Assistant Professor in Sales Management
PhD in Business Economics, Vlerick Business School, Ghent University, Belgium

Bert Paesbrugghe’s research interest include buyer-seller relationships, sales management, personal selling, procurement, and digital business-to-business marketing.


Lecturer in International Negotiation
Juris Doctor, Suffolk University Law School (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

Calliope is a US lawyer admitted to the NY Bar, a trained mediator, and a lecturer at IESEG. Her research interests are in international commercial dispute resolution, specifically mediation and investment treaty disputes. Her experience advising governments, counsel and parties while supervising hundreds of international commercial disputes as Deputy Manager of the International Centre for ADR at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) makes her a valuable member of this team.


Assistant Professor and Director of the International Business & Law double degree program.
PhD magna cum laude International Economic Law, Universities of Geneva and Bocconi (co-tutelle)

Matteo is a lawyer by training, his research focuses on international dispute resolution (specifically, international arbitration), international investment law and public international law. He has experience in investment and commercial arbitration, and he is of counsel at a law firm in Italy (Vaccaro Law Bureau).

Dr. Frieder LEMPP

Assistant Professor in International Negotiation
PhD in Logic, Centre for Logic, Language and Computation, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

Frieder’s research focus is on the development and validation of computational models of negotiation and conflict resolution. The models can be used to simulate experiments on negotiation variables (such as goals, outcomes, strategies, etc.) and as decision-support systems for practicing negotiators (for instance, to identify optimal strategies for an upcoming negotiation). Frieder has taught courses in negotiation, mediation, dispute resolution, game-theory, critical thinking, and logic. He has practiced as an accredited mediator in New Zealand.