IÉSEG sets up international Center on Negotiation

By | 3 février 2015

IÉSEG has recently created a new international Center on Negotiation (ICoN), which aims to be a center of excellence in research, teaching and knowledge transfer relating to the topic of negotiation.

“At ICoN, we define negotiation as an ongoing communication process in which individuals and organizations manage their interdependence in order to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes” explains Dr. Jimena Ramirez-Marin, a professor at IÉSEG and director of the new center.International Center on Negotiation

From contracts to conflict, negotiation can be used to create, manage and repair all kinds of relationships (work, commercial, etc.). As such, it is at the heart of all managers’ jobs and applies to all functions of the organization: management and coordination, sales and purchasing, management of the supply chain, human resources management, etc.

The center is therefore taking a transversal approach to negotiation and relationship establishment, covering a broad range of areas including management, employment relations, marketing (sales and procurement), international relations and law. It is seeking to build an international network of academic institutions, academics, consultants, professionals and organizations in order to promote exchange between academics and practitioners and to create a bridge between research and business in the field of negotiation.

ICoN is currently run by 8 permanent international professors who work with experts and practitioners from other institutions. Its research projects already focus on a range of topics including role of emotional intelligence (EI) in negotiation, commercial relations and conflict and intercultural communication.

In terms of teaching on negotiation, IÉSEG already offers close to 30 courses on negotiation or related topics (either on its Master in Management or specialist MSc programs). From September, the school will also offer a one-year full-time MSc program in Negotiation for Organizations.

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