Understanding the international negotiation and conflict management strategies in diplomacy

By | 30 décembre 2018

In the paper “Understanding the International Negotiation and Conflict Management Strategies in Diplomacy”, Dr. Valon Murtezaj explored the lived experiences of senior diplomats dealing with difficult conflict situations in diplomacy.

This study found specific bodies of knowledge that influence success in negotiation and conflict management. Results that extracted from a total of 250 years of experience in the field described the experiences in different international negotiation and conflict situations. The study reveals that diplomats implement different strategies while they negotiate; and that culture and social skills, including emotions, are very important ingredients in international negotiation settings, and that significantly influenced effective negotiation processes and conflict management outcomes. This research can serve as guidance for leaders negotiating complex deals and managing difficult conflicts. This study is a contribution to the body of best practices for diplomats across the world.


To read the original article:

Murtezaj V., (2013). Understanding International Negotiation and Conflict Management Strategies in Diplomacy, Organizational Culture, International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, 12 (2) 45-55.


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