Culture and Communication approaches to relationships in negotiation

By | 27 juin 2014

Basic relational processes and intercultural negotiation:

The purpose of this subproject is to explore culture and communication influences in Relational Negotiation. Relational Negotiation is choosing strategies, or goal directed behaviors (Weingart, Thompson, Bazerman, & Carroll 1990) suited to develop or affirm long-term connections with the counterpart across the table (Gelfand Raver, Nishii, O´Brien 2006, Ramirez & Brett 2011).

The overall scope of this project is to analyze how relationships influence negotiation processes such as goals, strategy and outcomes. The intercultural piece explores how relationship building at the negotiation table works across cultures and develops the conceptualization of Honor, Face and Dignity cultures (Leung & Cohen, 2011) to reach that goal.

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