ICoN’s Negotiation Philosophy

By | 27 juin 2014

At ICoN, we define negotiation as an ongoing communication process in which individuals and organizations manage their interdependence in order to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes. From contracts to conflict, negotiation can be used to create, manage and repair all kinds of relationships (work, commercial, etc.).

As such, it is at the heart of all managers’ job and applies to all functions of the organization: management and coordination, sales and purchasing, management of the supply chain, human resources management, etc. It is both a personal skill and a corporate capability, upon which one may take perspectives that range from pragmatic (what is going on at the negotiation table) to strategic (how negotiations impact the organization’s strategy and vice versa).

Developing the necessary skills to create value in organizations and manage conflict effectively in teams as well as making the best out of the diversity becomes essential in the current context of globalization and competition between and within cultures and sectors. Mastering the art and science of negotiation and conflict management participates in enhancing one’s organization and own career.

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