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November 2018: Tit for tat: Using negative emotions strategically to address negative feedback at workplace

When supervisors have to provide employees with negative feedback, the situation can easily turn into an interpersonal conflict. To prevent such conflicts, it is useful to identify factors that facilitate the communication of negative feedback. Together with Pinar Çelik and Nils Myszkowski, Professor Martin investigated how negative emotions expressed by an employee in response to
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October 2018: Close relationships may create issues in negotiations

If you are buying or selling something, how much do you expect the other party to offer? Research by Professor Ramirez and her research team shows that interpersonal relationships may influence negotiators’ expectations of the counterparts’ offers, and this can further affect negotiation processes and outcomes. In this article, they reported findings based on three
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Hostage negotiations: to negotiate for what objective?

Adrian BORBELY, IESEG School of Management After the tragic terror attacks that shook Paris on November 13, 2015, claiming the lives of 130 people, I felt the need to put on paper a negotiation vision of what happened at Bataclan, getting ready for the question our students may ask when returning to school the following
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